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School Level Program Admissions
Georgetown University Master Nurse-Midwifery/Women's Health Nurse Practitioner (NM/WHNP) Website
Carlow University Master Online MSN WHNP: Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Website
Campbellsville University Master Online MSN Family Nurse Practitioner Website

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There are a number of options to become a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) by enrolling an online program. The most common program is a Master of Science in Nursing (Online MSN Program), which allows you to sit for the CNM exam. There are other options, however, including a Doctor of Nursing Practice, and combined or hybrid MSN in Family Nurse Practitioner Programs online that can allow you to sit for the CNM exam.

The pursuit of a challenging but profitable degree program is something that thousands of college students are involved with daily. Making the decision to move forward into a great degree program takes courage and dedication to success.

Students with a great work ethic and excellent abilities to work in fast-paced environments are a good fit for these degree programs. It is becoming easier than ever to get into nurse midwifery programs, due to the rise in educational entities on and off campus.

With the implementation of online degree programs, the interest in pursuing college degrees has skyrocketed beyond what was once imagined. Nursing students that have a profound interest in pursuing a nurse midwifery degree online will find that there are potential programs available that can satisfy their desire to move forward into this interesting and sought after career.

Are there online nurse midwifery degrees available?

Yes, there are online nurse midwifery programs. The level of education of a current prospect to this field is little concern with online nursing midwifery programs. Deciding which school to obtain a degree from can be even more difficult than choosing a path altogether. We have individual people vet every single program that is listed on our website.

We have reviewed multiple nurse midwifery programs, featuring highlights of the program, so users can compare schools on our site. As can be seen below, there are options for those in other fields or for those that are already nurses and just want a change. There is no better time than now to look towards the future and get involved with a degree program that can potentially change lives.

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List of Online Certified Nurse Midwife Programs

Consider a sponsored online program currently accepting applications.
School Level Program Admissions
Georgetown University Master Nurse-Midwifery/Women's Health Nurse Practitioner (NM/WHNP) Website
Carlow University Master Online MSN WHNP: Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Website
Campbellsville University Master Online MSN Family Nurse Practitioner Website
George Mason University Master MSN-FNP Website
University of West Florida Master Nursing, M.S.N. - Family Nurse Practitioner Website
Benedictine University Master Master of Science in Nursing Website
George Mason University Master MSN - Family Nurse Practitioner Website
Sacred Heart University Master MSN - Family Nurse Practitioner Website
Seton Hall University Master Master of Science in Nursing - Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner - Acute Care Website
School Program Admissions
Bethel University (MS)
Saint Paul, MN
Nurse Midwifery Education Program Bethel’s Nurse-Midwifery program prepares graduates to provide pregnancy and childbirth care, well-woman care, fertility, and primary care. The program is preaccredited by the ACME and is completed entirely online. Nurses will graduate with a Master of Science (M.S.) in Nurse-Midwifery.
Carlow University
Pittsburgh, online
Online MSN WHNP: Women's Health Nurse Practitioner
Frontier Nursing University (MSN)
Dexter, GA
Community-Based Nurse Midwifery Education The Nurse-Midwifery program at Frontier Nursing University prepares nurses to manage women's health care, focusing on common primary care issues, family planning and gynecologic needs, pregnancy, childbirth, the postpartum period and care of the newborn. The program is accredited by the ACME and coursework is completed entirely online. Multiple options are available including an AD RN to CNM, Master's completion, and Post Graduate Certificate.
Georgetown University
Washington DC, online
Nurse-Midwifery/Women's Health Nurse Practitioner (NM/WHNP)
Georgetown University (MS)
Washington, DC
Nurse-Midwifery/Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner (NM/WHNP) The Nurse-Midwifery/Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner (NM/WHNP) program at Georgetown University teaches nurses to care for the physical, psychosocial, and spiritual needs of women and newborns. The program can be completed online with some on-campus intensives which results in a Master's Completion degree.
Midwifery Institute at Philadelphia University (MS, Post Graduate Certificate)
Philadelphia, PA
Midwifery Program The Midwifery Institute at Philadelphia University educates nurses for the care of normal newborns and for the gynecologic care of women throughout the lifespan. The program is ACME accredited and is completed online with some on-site intensives. Multiple options are available including a Certified Midwife (CM) option, Master's completion option, Post Graduate Certificate and Foreign-Educated Midwife transfer credits.
Stony Brook University (DNP, MS, Post Graduate Certificate)
Stony Brook, NY
Nurse Midwifery Program The Nurse Midwifery Program at Stony Brook University prepares nurses to provide the care of women and the healthy newborn with a focus on normal birth in a variety of settings. Students can enroll in distance education with occasional on-campus requirements. Degree options available include a Master's Completion and a Post Graduate Certificate option.
University of Cincinnati Nurse-Midwifery (MSN)
Cincinnati, OH
Nurse Midwifery Education Program The ACME accredited Nurse-Midwifery program at the University of Cincinnati teaches nurses to care for the physical, psychosocial, and spiritual needs of women and newborns. The program can be completed online and offers a BA/BS to RN and CNM/Graduate Option.

Certified Midwife Pathway to the M.S. in Midwifery

The pathway option is for bachelor’s level graduates that have degrees in subjects other than nursing. This path is great for individuals that have changed their mind about the type of career they wish to hold and are seeking better opportunities.

In order to be considered for the pathway to the M.S. in Midwifery, most colleges require that students be able to provide proof of completion of certain courses. The required courses for this program include Anatomy and Physiology, General Biology, Microbiology, General Chemistry, and others. Since this program was designed for graduates that hold a bachelor’s degree in a major other than nursing, it has prerequisite requirements that are more specific than the general M.S. in Midwifery program.

M.S. in Midwifery

The Master’s of Science degree in Midwifery is the most popular option for online learners. This option requires that applicants currently hold licensure in their respective state or the state in which the applicant plans to work. Since this degree programs requires that applicants be licensed, applicants should also have a previously obtained Bachelor’s degree in Nursing or other related discipline. The specific requirements for each school will differ slightly, but the standard credit hour requirement is 60-62 hours. Students should research their intended online university for specific requirements prior to enrolling. The length of this program is 2 to 3 years, depending on whether or not students wish to take courses at a full-time or part-time rate.

Doctor of Nursing – Midwifery

The Doctor of Nursing – Midwifery degree is the highest tier for those interested in a career as a midwife. This program can be completed in 2 years on average (after the completion of a master’s program) and requires that applicants already hold a graduate degree and be certified in midwifery. This online degree program is great for midwives that have experience in the field and are prepared to be in leadership roles within their domain. Not only are online degree programs such as this one offered to master’s level learners, but they are also found in programs that combined both the master’s studies and doctoral studies. For nurses at the bachelor’s level, the option to advance all the way to doctoral level is a great incentive.

Online MSN with Nursing Midwife Programs

The online MSN with Nursing Midwife program is designed for RNs that wish to pursue a more specialized setting throughout their careers. Nurses that are interested in working with women throughout their childbearing years and beyond are a great fit for this field. The online MSN with Nursing Midwife programs available can potentially provide an advantage to learners, with the convenient scheduling and course flexibility. Since most applicants to this program are already employed, online learning only provides a better means to a great future. This program can be completed in 2 years for full-time students or 3 for those that wish to take courses at a slower pace. The typical online program in this specialty has specific requirements and a solid curriculum that must be approved by the Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education (ACME). In order to be eligible to take the CNM exam, students must obtain a degree from an ACME accredited university.


The curriculum for the online MSN with Nursing Midwife program typically consists of 60-62 credit hours, including clinical practice requirements. Courses are designed to provide nurses with education ranging from general health and wellness for childbearing women to postpartum and newborn care. While a large majority of the courses required for this major are completed via virtual classroom, there is a significant amount of clinical credit hours required for graduation at most universities. One university, for instance, requires that students complete 1000 hours of clinical experience prior to being approved to take the CNM exam and become licensed. Clinical requirements for this major can be completed at an approved location near the student’s area of interest.

Example Online CNM Program Courses

  • Introduction to Health Policy
  • Intrapartum Care
  • Advanced Pharmacology
  • Well Woman and Maternity Care
  • Healthcare of Women
  • Clinical Full Scope Midwifery Care

These courses allow nurses to fully perceive the importance of care before, during, and after childbirth.

Online Nurse Midwife Program Requirements

Students that are involved with online degree programs should have a basic understanding of computers and the components used during the program. In order to get the most out of an online degree program, students should be able to correctly use word processing programs as well as standard internet services. Having these skills will ensure that coursework can be completed within time frames and the experience of online learning will not hinder learners from their full potential.

Considering most BSN/CNM programs require participants to take part in supervised clinical practice, students are expected to hold malpractice liability insurance throughout the clinical process. Students may also be required to maintain their own personal health insurance and submit to health assessment screenings as necessary.

The start of the CNM program involves only in-person coursework. As students move closer to the halfway point to end of the program, clinical practice will become largely important. Clinical experience is important because it assures instructors that students are prepared to work individually with patients. Some programs require that members complete a minimum number of care visits and births prior to completion.

Top Online Nurse Midwifery Programs

With so many options to choose from, it is hard to choose the right school based off of intuition alone. Some schools offer students more advantages and better ease of access throughout the process. Depending on what students are looking for, one school may have better course availability or flexible scheduling that can fit their needs. We have scrutinized the various online Nurse Midwifery programs to provide you with a couple of the most providing schools with a great reputation in online learning.

Georgetown University – Online NM/WHNP

Georgetown University designed this inclusive master’s degree program for registered nurses that wish to further their career potential through women’s health studies. While providing the Nurse Midwife major to graduate, this degree program also includes Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner education that can add even more value to the degree as a whole. This program is excellent for nurses or upcoming nurses that want more professional power as professionals and the desire to lead a team of employees. Our team has broken down the key aspects of this degree program in an effort to convey how convenient it is to be a part of this program.

Tuition and Fees

  • Tuition – $1,928 per credit hour
  • Application Fee – $40.00
  • One-Time Transcript Fee – $50.00
  • Clinical Background Fee – $20.00


The online NM/WHNP program at this university requires 49 credit hours for graduation. The program is only available in a part-time format and includes courses that are mandated by the American Midwifery Certification Board (AMCB).


  • Principles of Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology
  • Health Care Ethics
  • Advanced Concepts in Pharmacology
  • Primary Care of Women
  • Advanced Health Assessment
  • Midwifery Care: Labor, Birth, and Newborn

These courses are just a sample of the courses required for this major. The curriculum was designed to include the various aspects of women’s health throughout the lifespan and especially during childbearing years. Students in this major must have a broad understanding of women’s health and wellness over a period of years, so the information gained throughout this program provides a solid foundation for high quality care from nurse midwives. By combining both aspects of midwifery and nurse practitioner, graduates in this degree program can have an advantage throughout the length of a career.


The online NM/WHNP program consists of 49 credits and can be completed in 27 months, according to Georgetown University. The program includes a 1000 hour clinical requirement, which is held concurrently with course room study. The length of this MSN program is comparable to other master’s programs in other specialties and can be completed mostly online.


The online midwifery program at Georgetown University is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education (ACME) and meets the standards of the American Midwifery Certification Board (AMCB). This master’s degree program puts students on the right path for future licensure after completion of the CNM exam.

Frontier Nursing University – Online MSN/NM or DNP

Frontier Nursing University provides a great master’s program focusing on nurse midwifery. This school ranks as one of the best online nursing schools in the country and has a long history of providing nursing education to individuals from all states. The MSN program at this school is geared towards professionals that are already licensed in nursing and are looking for a higher ranking career. Individuals that have already obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and that hold a valid nursing license in their state can take part in this program to advance their degree to new levels. This university allows students to choose from either the Master’s of Science degree in Nursing or move forward to a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, both providing specialties as nurse midwives.

Tuition and Fees

  • Tuition – MSN/NM – $35,200
  • Tuition – DNP – $44,550
  • Application Fee – $100
  • Graduation Fee – $150
  • Technology Fee – $250 per term


The credit requirement for this program is 64, with 49 being didactic credits and the remaining 15 being clinical credits. For students that wish to pursue the DNP degree, an additional 17 credit are required. Clinical requirements for this degree program include 675 clinical hours for the MSN and an additional 360 for students that choose to pursue to DNP path. This university offers both full-time and part-time options, allowing for students to choose the best path for their degree program. Frontier Nursing University has two mandatory on-campus sessions that are held in Hyden, Kentucky. Students in this program must be present for these sessions, which are 4 and 5 days respectively. All clinical requirements in this degree program can be completed in the student’s town of residence.


The estimated length of completion of the online MSN program at this university is 2 years, if classes are taken at a full-time rate. The length of time will rise for students that take courses part-time or for those that pursue the DNP level degree. There is a lengthy clinical requirement for this degree, which is typically completely during the 2 year timeframe. Additional time needed to complete required hours should be added to the minimum limit noted.


Both the post-masters certificate programs, master’s programs, and doctoral programs at this university are fully accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education (ACME). The curriculum is relevant and reliable for students in these programs. Frontier Nursing University dedicates itself to a high quality education for nursing professionals across the United States.